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Experience the essence of Killarney with a curated selection of activities and excursions that cater to every taste and ability. Delight in the natural splendor of the region through guided hikes, immersive tours, and exclusive tastings of fine wines or craft beers. Embark on exhilarating sailing adventures, take leisurely cruises to explore local islands, and uncover the distinct charms of Georgian Bay. Each experience is designed to blend adventure with relaxation, ensuring a rich and varied visit that leaves lasting memories.

Activities and Excursions

Learn more about our activities and excursions by selecting each item, or simply filter our weekly schedule by the days of the week you are here to see what’s happening on site.


Sailing Charters

For those seeking guidance, instructor rates are available for an additional $30/hour, ensuring a personalized and educational sailing experience.


Embark on an exclusive sailing experience with our private charter aboard the J22 sailboat. Ideal for touring the pristine waters of Georgian Bay or honing your sailing skills, this vessel offers an intimate setting for up to five people. Navigate the stunning Georgian Bay, feeling the wind in your sails and the thrill of open waters. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time adventurer, the J22 Sailboat Private Charter promises an unforgettable journey through the beauty of Georgian Bay.
$299 for 3 hours. $549 for 6 hours


Embark on a personalized sailing experience aboard the Laser sailboat. Perfect for touring the scenic waters of Georgian Bay or challenging your sailing skills, this small yet nimble vessel caters to a maximum of two people. Feel the freedom of the open water as you navigate the pristine Georgian Bay.
$79 for 3 hours


Embark on a personalized sailing experience aboard the Picos sailboat. Crafted for those seeking an exhilarating test of their sailing skills, this small, agile vessel can accommodate a maximum of two people. Glide along the picturesque Georgian Bay, feeling the wind in your sails and the sense of freedom on the water. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice adventurer, the Picos Private Charter guarantees a unique and memorable journey through the captivating beauty of Georgian Bay.
$59 for 3 hours

Fishing Charters

The Lund (24′)

Embark on an adventure with The Lund, a private charter boat perfect for up to 4 people. Tailor your experience with flexible 3 or 6-hour options, whether you’re into fishing or a leisurely boat tour. Our captain, Bungy, a seasoned fishing expert, ensures a safe and enjoyable journey in the stunning Georgian Bay area. With well-maintained amenities and comfortable seating, The Lund guarantees an unforgettable and personalized experience on the water.
$399 for 3 hours. $649 for 6 hours

Nibbles (28′)

Embark on a captivating boat tour experience with Nibbles, a vessel captained by Bungy, a local expert from Killarney. Nibbles accommodates up to 8 people, offering a personalized journey through the picturesque waters of the Georgian Bay area. Choose from flexible 3-hour or extended 6-hour options to tailor your adventure. Choose your route and discover the unique charm of Georgian Bay.
$599 for 3 hours. $849 for 6 hours

Key West

Embark on an adventure with our private charter on the Key West, captained by the local fishing expert, Bungy. Perfect for groups of up to three people, this experience is ideal for both fishing enthusiasts and those seeking a scenic tour through the stunning Georgian Bay area. With a keen understanding of the local waters, Bungy ensures a personalized and unforgettable journey. Whether you’re casting lines or enjoying a leisurely cruise, the Key West promises an exceptional exploration of Georgian Bay, making every moment on the water truly special.
$399 for 3 hours. $649 for 6 hours

Fishing Charters

Canoe & Shore Lunch with Mike

Embark on a remarkable paddling expedition guided by the experienced Mike Ranta, a seasoned paddler renowned for his numerous expeditions in the Great Lakes. Traverse the stunning waters of the Georgian Bay, exploring serene surroundings and embracing the natural beauty. Work up a sweat and reward yourself with a delectable fish fry shore lunch. Gather a group of adventurers and embark on this extraordinary paddling journey through the breathtaking Georgian Bay.

$99 per person
Requires a minimum of 4 participants

Hiking Trails

The area’s stunning features, such as the La Cloche Mountains, granite ridges, and pristine lakes, have long been a source of inspiration for renowned artists like the Group of Seven.

Killarney’s enduring popularity as a scenic wilderness destination is a testament to the area’s natural beauty and appeal. Killarney is part of the Georgian Bay Geopark, highlighting the unique geological and natural features of the region.

Visitors can choose from a range of hiking trails, from short, easy walks to more challenging, longer treks, catering to active individuals of all ages and fitness levels.


All guests have access to resort amenities, including the heated pool with views of the channel, with loungers to sunbathe and water toys for the kids. Our games pavilion is an indoor space with shuffleboard, plenty of board games, pool and ping pong. Get outside for a game of tennis or pickleball at the on-site courts, or borrow a canoe or kayak to explore the water, with paddles, safety gear and life jackets for adults and kids.

A Georgian Bay Geopark Location

Killarney Mountain Lodge and Killarney are situated in DEEPTIME Zone 2 of the Georgian Bay Geopark.

By combining this traditional indigenous knowledge with innovative science-based research, the Georgian Bay Geopark educates and promotes informed, responsible tourism and a vibrant sustainable future for this irreplaceable ecosystem.

Embark on a self-guided tour that combines visits to natural formations with highlights of local architecture incorporating the area’s stunning rocks. This hike delves into the 2.5 billion-year geological and cultural history of the region, offering a unique blend of nature and heritage.

The Big Dipper

Built by expedition paddler Mike Ranta to commemorate Killarney’s 200th anniversary in 2020, this monumental paddle, weighing 22,000 pounds, spans 107 feet in length and 17 feet in width at the blade. Made from Eastern White Cedar, it is the world’s largest paddle.

A time capsule has been embedded in the shaft of the paddle, to be opened 200 years from now, marking a significant connection between past, present, and future. Killarney Mountain Lodge is proud to have assisted in this historic endeavor.

Inspired by the paddlers he admired and encountered during his journeys, many of whom are veterans, Mike Ranta dedicated “The Big Dipper” as a tribute to those who have served the country. Featuring a prominent poppy, it offers a spot for visitors to sit, reflect and pay homage, embodying a truly Canadian way to remember and say thank you to these heroes.

Special Events

Killarney Music Festival

Killarney Music Festival
August 23rd – Join us at the Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina for a lineup of talented artists ready to rock the stage on both Friday August 23rd and Saturday August 24th.

Into the Wild – A Wilderness & Wellness Retreat

Into the Wild – A Wilderness & Wellness Retreat
Join us for an unforgettable weekend at Killarney Mountain Lodge, where adventure meets relaxation amidst the breathtaking beauty of Northern Ontario’s fall landscape. Whether you’re flying solo, planning a girls’ weekend, coming with friends, or enjoying a romantic getaway, the Killarney Fall Escape is packed with exciting activities to recharge your mind, body, and soul.

Harvest Dinner

Harvest Dinner
Join us on October 2nd at the Ranch House in Killarney. Inside our new all-log conference centre you will dine “family style” on long tables and enjoy a four course Fall inspired dinner curated by none other than Head Chef Hanna J. Clemens.

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