Guided Tour of the Property

Tour the original lodge and its iconic additions like Canada House and the Guinness World Record-holding Big Dipper paddle.

Canoe Clinic

Whether you’re a first-time paddler or an advanced intermediate, taking canoe and kayak courses is a fun and social way to improve your canoe skills or kayaking skills.

Story Hour with Mike

Join Mike Ranta, an experienced outdoorsman who paddled across Canada, in the Great Room for an hour of storytelling. Grab a drink and take a seat in front of the fireplace as he recants his many adventures.

Wine Tasting

In this one-hour wine tasting, it’s all about sipping, swirling, and discovering exciting wines under the guidance of our enthusiastic host.

Kids Outdoor Sports

From classic Freeze Tag for the little ones to lively soccer matches for the older kids, we’ve got activities that cater to everyone.

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