With a small smile, you swirl your wine gracefully before touching the glass to your lips. Ambient music plays softly, seamlessly harmonizing with the sounds of intimate conversation and clinking glasses. As your partner reaches for your hand, you take a sip, savouring the full bodied taste of an earthy merlot. The room smells of succulent meat, roasted root vegetables and warm pine. To your left, the waiter appears, carrying a steaming tray of brilliantly plated delights: heirloom tomato caprese, pan seared Georgian Bay trout, and marinated Ontario lamb drizzled with mint balsamic. Bon Appétit.

Chef image

Meet our chef

Chef de Cuisine, Kay Bonsu

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for his craft, renowned chef, Kay Bonsu, has established a strong reputation for his unparalleled ability to deliver truly exceptional dining experiences. As a seasoned professional with prestigious Red Seal certification, Chef Bonsu brings a wealth of experience to his role as Chef de Cuisine at Killarney Mountain Lodge.

Chef Bonsu began his impressive culinary career as Chef de Partie/Tournant at the renowned 5 star hotel, Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. From there, he joined the staff at the House of Commons Dining Room, preparing the gourmet, a la carte menu for members of Parliament, the Senate and their invited guests.

Serving Canada’s politicians was only the tip of the iceberg for Chef Bonsu, who designed and prepared a variety of delicacies for several Olympic venues during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. In total, Chef Bonsu prepared over 170,000 entrees for international athletes, support staff and Whistler Village guests.

Before accepting his current position at Killarney Mountain Lodge, Chef Bonsu supervised a culinary staff of more than 35 people at Toronto banquet favourite, Westin Harbour Castle. With over 1000 rooms, various kitchens and a constant influx of guests, Chef Bonsu was faced with a unique challenge. He rose to the occasion, and in 2010, was given the opportunity to oversee culinary preparation for world leaders at the G20 Summit.

Presently, Chef Bonsu plans and executes casual, conference and event dining for our various guests at Killarney Mountain Lodge. As Chef de Cuisine, he infuses his artistic style and personal flair into our delicious menu, emphasizing and experimenting with the fresh flavours of locally sourced ingredients.

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Main Dining Rooms

With views overlooking the Killarney Channel and the Carousel Lounge, the resort’s appropriately named Lodge Dining Rooms are designed to provide a simultaneously intimate and luxurious dining experience. Featuring traditional chalet decor, the Lodge Dining Rooms are adorned with soft linens, rich table settings and original paintings by some of Killarney’s best artists.

Great Room

A casual space where guests can drink, dine or simply unwind, the resort’s Great Room is a popular place to share experiences and reflect on the day’s events. A large stone fireplace anchors the room, providing warmth and ambiance. Supple leather sofas and high-back chairs offer comfortable seating from which to enjoy the room’s rustic chalet design and picturesque views. Large patio doors lead out to a tiered outdoor dining space. Under the shade of umbrellas guests can enjoy a delicious meal or sit back with a cocktail, watching the boats sail by on the lake.

Great Room Image
Carousel Image

Carousel Lounge

With live music and dancing, local craft beer and globally sourced wine, the Resort’s Carousel Lounge is a thriving hub of entertainment! Offering a stunning wrap around view of the Killarney Channel and rugged landscape, the Carousel Lounge is the Resort’s most popular event space. Order your meal in the main dining room and have it brought to the Carousel Lounge or Lounge Deck for a more casual dining experience. As the sun sets, listen to the melodies of local musicians, Andy Lowe and James Dupuis.

Outdoor BBQ

Fish and chips, anyone? During the summer months, the Resort hosts a Traditional Killarney Fish Fry once or twice a week. On the rocks overlooking the Killarney channel, guests and staff gather in the open air to prepare and serve delicious freshly-caught fish, crispy hand-cut fries and homemade slaw. Ask at the reception desk for information on upcoming events.

Outdoor BBQ Image
Curds n’ Whey Image

Curds n’ Whey

Sitting on the edge of the peaceful waterfront, a quaint cafe invites passers-by to stop for a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Offering some of Killarney’s finest baked goods, Curds n’ Whey is a popular meeting place for guests, staff and locals alike. The cafe’s fresh bread, muffins, tarts and squares pair beautifully with a warm coffee, cappuccino or latte. On a sunny afternoon, stop by for an iced coffee, cold beer or crisp cooler. Guests are welcome to enjoy the cafe’s waterfront patio or take their goodies to go, whether that be out on the water or on a stroll through the grounds.

Wine Cellar

The Killarney Mountain Lodge Wine Cellar is home to an exquisite repertoire of wine sourced from both local venders and wineries around the world. Holding up to 3000 bottles, the Cellar is crafted out of stunning reclaimed barn boards, some of which are nearly 100 years old. Temperature and humidity controlled, the Wine Cellar includes a tasting table for groups of up to 10 guests to enjoy.

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Guest reviews

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